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SDS Resolution Branches Out

SDS Resolution - a free service owned and operated by tenancy deposit scheme SafeDeposits Scotland - was first introduced in August 2020 to assist private rented sector landlords and tenants experiencing difficulties with rent arrears specifically. This was a response to the COVID-19 crisis and the increased financial pressures placed on individuals as a result of lockdown. The service has been endorsed by the Scottish Association of Landlords (SAL) and is featured within a resource called Private Rented Sector Tenant Support, produced by Public Health Scotland in partnership with the Scottish Government, Citizens Advice Scotland and Shelter Scotland in response to the pandemic.

As of 1st April this year we were pleased to expand the scope of the service and SDS Resolution is now able to offer conciliation and mediation on other PRS related issues, as well as continuing to assist with rent arrears matters.

Property standards


Entry rights

Threatened evictions

Breaches of tenancy terms

Noise/anti-social behaviour*...

... are all now areas we can deal with.

The concept remains the same for all of the above as it has been for rent arrears since last year - the aim is to facilitate a satisfactory resolution between landlords and tenants to help sustain tenancies and avoid the need for formal legal action. The service continues to be free of charge and is available for all PRS landlords and tenants in Scotland, not only those with deposits protected by SafeDeposits Scotland.

How it works

If you would like to contact SDS Resolution about an issue with a tenancy, fill in the interactive form on the homepage of this website. We will then contact the other party to ask for their consent to get involved with the process. Providing the other party consents, our Conciliator will try to resolve the matter by talking to both parties separately in the first instance; if suitable, a group session with both parties can be organised with the mediator. Finally, if a solution is reached, a written agreement will be sent to both parties.

SDS Resolution is impartial and ultimately our job is to find a mutually acceptable solution to the problem at hand.

*except for serious anti-social activity.


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